Winexe crowdfunding

What is the Winexe:

Winexe is a tool to start processes from Linux on Windows machines.
It is similar to the Sysinternals tool psexec under Windows.
Winexe exists since 2006 and is based on the Samba development, but has never been an official part of samba.
The existing Winexe source code is based on the smb1 protocol and is therefore, slowly dying.
As an example, Winexe no longer works with Windows 10 Release 1709.

What do we want to achieve?

"'Winexe' is maintained in the current samba code and can be compiled.
This means above all that it'll be maintained in the future. And that the current features and protocol versions such as SMB2 and SMB3 etc. will also be supported. This means that current Windows clients are going to be supported."
(Quote: Karolin Seeger; Sernet)
This would allow Winexe to be made available as open source on the basis of current SMB versions.

Who's gonna do this?

We have received an offer from Sernet to do this.
SerNet is a Samba specialized company.
"Five members of the international Samba team work at SerNet.
That makes us the only system integrator with members from the Samba core team"

What's the cost?

We have received an offer of over 20,000 Euros (net) for the planned development work.
In order to have a reserve in case that unexpected problems appear, we calculated expenses around 25,000 euros (net).

Who are we:

uib gmbh is the manufacturer of the open source client management system opsi.
( / Within the scope of this product we use winexe ourselves.
We will also be participating in the financing. But 25,000 euros to finance this tool is also for us, as a Company way too much money.

Our crowdfunding initiative:

We are looking for companies, organizations and persons who are also interested in a reliable, well (permanently) maintained and free of charge Winexe, and ask them to participate in this campaign.
Commitments are made within the framework of a written payment agreement.
The payment is due when the project has been successfully completed and winexe is open to the public.
Should more money be collected than what is needed for the development, the costs will be distributed proportionately among the commitments.
Questions and more information please send us an email to: info(at)

A contract form for joining the crowdfunding initiative is available:

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