July 10 2024 11:15 h

Concept study: Python as opsi scripting language
opsi-Script functionality as Python package/binary

Talk by Jan Werner (uib gmbh)

Why not combine the advantages of opsi-script and Python? Here we present a new, preliminary concept that combines the advantages of opsi-script and Python. The combination of opsi-script functionality with Python brings serious advantages, both from a developer and a user point of view. Furthermore, the concept provides two easy-to-use interfaces for the system administrator. The “Easy” interface is intended for standard installations and day-to-day sysadmin work. “Easy” is a high-level interface based on function templates, whereby the parameterization is declarative via metadata. For more complicated installations/tasks, there is also the “Expert” interface. It can access all the functions of “Easy” but also offers the option of combining opsi-script functionality with the full power of Python.

We would like to discuss and further develop this concept with the community, also outside the framework of opsiconf, in order to be able to respond to your wishes and ideas.

Jan Werner

Jan Werner

uib gmbh

Jan has been working at uib for five years and is primarily active as a software developer. He is responsible for opsi components developed in Pascal such as opsi-script, opsi-client-kiosk, opsi-quickinstall and other smaller projects. Jan also works on Python projects and has knowledge in other programming languages like C/C++ or Rust. He also gives training courses, especially in the area of packaging, helps with support and can also be found in the hotline from time to time.

When he is not at work, he does sports, e.g. runs the Gutenberg half marathon, plays chess in a club, can be found at the PubQuiz or sometimes at the soccer stadium and occasionally torments his fellow human beings with his guitar playing.