July 10 2024 14:00 h

Bringing the opsi-configed up to speed

Talk by Nils Otto (uib gmbh)

As a central component of the opsi environment, the opsi-configed has grown into a large project over its long period of operation. In over two decades of development, it has become an all-purpose tool with an immense reservoir of features that cannot be easily replaced.

However, this long history has also resulted in a code base that is as unclear as it is outdated. As a result, potential has been wasted and opportunities of modern software development tools have been overlooked.

In this presentation, we will see how the opsi-configed has been revised and modernized in the last one and a half years. We will see the tools we have used and the problems we have had to deal with. The result is a new application that outshines the “old” opsi-configed in many ways: Greatly improved performance, increased code quality, a new GUI design and many new features are just the most obvious of the changes.

Nils Otto

Nils Otto

uib gmbh

Nils has worked as a software developer at uib gmbh since 2022 and has been responsible for the opsi-configed since then. He joined the company back in 2015 as an intern and then worked as a student trainee for 7 years. Even during this time, he was involved in the further development of the opsi-configed.