Opsiconf 2024 Program


Background installation and news from the packaging corner

Detlef Oertel, uib gmbh

Mathias Radtke, uib gmbh

Part 1: Software installation in the background: workshop report and discussion

Whether it is computers in 24-hour operation, school laptops that are only switched on during lessons or employee laptops that are only ever ‘closed’ but never switched off: Installing software while a user is logged in and possibly working with this software is an increasingly frequent requirement.

This workshop report describes the problems that need to be solved, the paths that others have taken and the path that uib/opsi is planning here - with demonstrations from the experimental lab. In addition to presenting our plans, we would also like feedback on the topic and our plans and hope to find fellow participants for upcoming field beta tests.

Teil 2: News from the Packaging Corner

  • Appx and Msix - what is it and how to install it with opsi (here, we are also happy to learn from other practitioners)
  • New features of the opsi-setup-detector and wishes for further development.
  • Windows installation without PE: ‘Windows WIM Install’ workshop report by M. Radtke

opsi4.3-Depot-Server on ARM 64

Thomas Fritzsche, uib gmbh

opsi is also available in the ARM64 architecture and can also run in Docker. This combination opens up a whole new area of application for opsi. Many smaller setups (up to 20 clients) require a small solution. Most opsi server setups are simply too large for such environments. The so-called SBC (SingleBoardComputer) offers a cost-effective alternative here, both in terms of purchase and operation (electricity costs). There is also usually no need for a special server room, as these boards do not normally require cooling.

In this workshop, participants will learn more about the SBC hardware and how to choose the right one. The workshop also covers the use of the Armbuilds and how to install and deploy an OS with opsi on an SBC. The focus will be on how to connect this setup as a depot server to a central service (smaller locations), but it is also possible to operate this setup as a stand-alone config server.

Note: Limited number of participants.

    opsi Basics Workshop for opsi Beginners

    Karsten Köpke, uib gmbh

    The opsi Basics Workshop provides a broad basic knowledge of all areas of use. It is aimed at administrators who already use opsi as well as opsi beginners with knowledge of network administration.

    Note: Limited number of participants.