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Automated Software Distribution and Patch Management

Automated and non-interactive software installation reduces the effort and thereby the costs of system administration through standardization and automation. At the same time, security is increased because security-relevant updates can be distributed immediately.

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  • Windows updates
  • MSI packages
  • Setup programs
  • System packages
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Automated OS Installation

The Microsoft Windows client and server operating systems as well as all common Linux distributions can be installed automatically with opsi. The configuration of the operating system as well as the installation of additional software follow seamlessly.

Systems can be installed from scratch at the push of a button. In case of a virus or ransomware attack, your devices are clean and ready to use again in no time.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 - 11
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 – 2022
  • Unattended and image-based installation
  • Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL, Oracle Linux and many more)
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Configuration Management and Administrative Tasks

With opsi you can distribute more than software packages. There is a wide range of specialized functions available to configure operating systems, drivers and programs, run programs and much more. With unified and automated system configurations you can reliably implement company policies and data protection regulations in your complete environment.
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    Hardware and software inventory

    Hardware and software information of your devices can be recorded regularly. The inventory data are neatly displayed in opsi. Devices can be searched and selected based on the inventory data.
    • Regular collection of inventory data.
    • Hardware inventory even without operating system installed.
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    Support of multiple Locations

    With opsi it is possible to centralize the administration of devices across multiple sites. Larger sites can be equipped with their own depot servers for the high-performance deployment of software packages. Each site can be equipped with its own configurations and software packages.
    • Overall view of all sites
    • Site-specific software equipment and configurations

    With extensions you can increase the functionality of opsi even more.

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